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Image Link to eHR for HQ Data Web SiteEffective SY2017-2018, all teachers are required to meet state certification or licensing requirements at the grade level and subject area in which the teacher has been assigned. This expands the requirement from teachers of core subject areas to all teachers in all subjects. This modifies the requirement from meeting Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements under NCLB by increasing the flexibility for States to define the qualification requirements for state certification or licensure. Hawaii in consultation with stakeholder groups has determined that any one of the following methods will qualify teachers as ESSA Hawaii Qualified (EHQ) for his/her teaching assignment:
  1. Holds a valid HTSB License in the subject area (or a content equivalent area identified for EHQ) and grade level for the teaching assignment or
  2. holds a valid HTSB License in any subject area for the grade span assigned and also meets one of the requirements under the following methods:
    1. Passed the Praxis Content Exam or other accepted content exam for the subject area and grade span or
    2. National Board Certificate for the subject area or
    3. College major or 30 credits in the subject area or
    4. Demonstrate experience and knowledge through a completed ESSA Hawaii Qualified Teacher Rubric in the subject area or
    5. Hawaii issued Highly Qualified Teacher certificate in the subject area

Additional information will be provided soon. Please check back for updates.

HQ Professional Development Plan Instructions 09/28/2017,Thur

Section 0 SY 2017-2-18 07/12/2017,Wed

Private School Equitable Participation SY 2017-2018 07/12/2017,Wed
Documents for the Private School Equitable Participation Program

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